Greenhouse In June 2016, Mr. Jeremy Winsor went to work soliciting support for the construction of a greenhouse at Fulton Schools.  The campaign was initially driven by then-school board member Mr. Dan Rossman. An initial contribution from the Gratiot County Community Foundation led to additional support from local business partners.  By June 2017 the $39,000 required for the greenhouse was raised. We are indebted to the various sponsors whose donations made this project possible. Sponsors can be viewed below. In July 2017, the Fulton Schools school board approved an additional $20,000 for the construction of slab/cinder block foundation to put the greenhouse frame on.
    A portion of the GCCF grant was earmarked for the construction of an aquaponics system.  This system is already being built by high school Earth Science and Environmental Science students. Additional information on this system can be found by clicking on this link.  
    We are looking for more than just financial partners with this project. We would also like to develop curriculum partners.  We want local organizations to help with the development of lessons that would benefit students as they enter agricultural careers. If you or your organization are interested in partnering with us please feel free to contact Jeremy Winsor via e-mail. winsorje@fultonpirates.net
     Greenhouse Construction Sponsors
    Greenhouse construction made possible by a grant from the Gratiot County Community Foundation's Clyde and Maude Mizer Memorial Fund. 
    Myers Family Fredrick Akin
    TradeWind Enegy
     Mid Michigan Lime & Gypsum GreenStone Farm Credit
    DeMott Insurance Agency
    DeMott Insurance Agency - Jake Knight 
    Doehring Schultz  
     Rainbow Lakes Garden Club  Rainbow Lake
    Sparks Pickle Co.