• Fish Dissection Lab

    To become more familiar with our salmon and their anatomy students perform a dissection of a white perch.  Though this fish is not identical to the salmon it does give us a basic anatomical structure that is similar.  Students spend time identifying major anatomical parts of the fish along with the functions of those parts.  
    Below is a flipped video lesson of the perch dissection. 
    Below is a video of the dissection procedures.  
    Use the video as a tool to perform your perch dissection. 

    A comparison of the perch and salmon reveals many similarities and yet many differences as well.  Below is a video lesson of the external and internal salmon dissection. 


    Fish Dissection Materials
    Standards Alignment 
    Next Generation Science   Common Core State Standards - Literacy Common Core State Standards - Math 
    Unit LS1.A (Structure and Function)