• Earth Science students in Mr. Winsor's class used a portion of the school year to construct a working aquaponics system out of IBC totes, plumbing materials, and lumber.  The system is currently home to rainbow trout.  Those trout produce waste and that waste is cycled through a series of reservoirs until it is converted by bacteria into forms of nitrogen that can be uptaken by plants through their roots. The plants are periodically harvested by students in current Earth Science courses. 

    Old Aquaponics 2

    At times perseverance is the name of the game... we are always learning ways to solve problems associated with raising organisms that have certain requirements for life... LIKE OXYGEN!

    We have had a substantial amount of aphids in our system.  We have attempted releasing ladybugs as a predator to minimize the population size of aphids.  Thus far we have been less than successful.

    Below are videos of our fish in the system.  We have two sections of the system housing fish.  One part of the system has year old trout and the second has trout hatched during this school year.