Fulton Schools Salmon in the Classroom

    Introduction to Salmon in the Classroom

    The "Salmon in the Classroom" project is sponsored by the Michigan Department of natural resources and made possible at Fulton Schools through a grant from the Gratiot County Community Foundation.  Mr. Winsor has been a participating teacher for fifteen (15) years, and Fulton Schools has been a participating district for eleven (11) years.  Over the course of the project, it has evolved into a cross-curricular activity that integrates science, social studies, math and language arts.  Fulton has been lucky enough to work with a number of biologists and engineers at the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) through this project as well.  Students see real-world examples of science careers and get first-hand experiences into those careers through "Salmon in the Classroom."
    Students start the project by watching the following flipped lesson. This flipped lesson introduces the facets of "Salmon in the Classroom" and the reasons that Salmon have become an important introduced species into the Great Lakes ecosystem.
    Salmon vs Alewife Population Graph  
    At the end of the teacher-directed lessons, students watch the PBS documentary "Salmon: Running the Gauntlet."  The documentary discusses the demise of Salmon in the Pacific Northwest, especially Sockeye Salmon.  Though we are not raising Sockeyes, much of the sockeye life cycle is similar, and students are able to draw knowledge from the video presentation.  Below is a link to the worksheet that students complete while watching "Salmon: Running the Gauntlet."

    Measuring Mortality

    Though we strive to keep every egg and fish alive until we release them, this is never the case.  We lose eggs and fish due to a variety of reasons.  Early in development fish eggs may die due to bacterial or fungal infections.  Later fish may die due to water quality issues, disease, malnutrition, or any combination of these things.  Below is the data table of our fish and egg mortality.

    Fulton's First Salmon Tank

    Thank you Gratiot County Community Foundation!
    First Tank  

    Fulton's First Salmon Release

    Salmon Hatching 2013


    Salmon Release 2014

    Salmon Release 2015

    Salmon Release 2016