"No Better Place to Learn"

    Fulton Schools, together with our community and families, will educate all students to be successful citizens by providing:
    • A safe and caring environment.
    • School and business partnerships.
    • An enriched core curriculum, which includes career guidance and technology.

    At Fulton Schools learning and achievement of students are the first priority, and to this end being of equal importance:

    We are committed to the principle of Accountability.
    We believe in:
    • Being responsible as a school, family and community for student success.
    • Accepting responsibility for the choices we make.
    • Conducting ourselves in an ethical, professional manner.

    We are committed to the principles of Communication and Collaboration.
    We believe in:
    • Keeping open lines of communication both internally and externally.
    • Utilizing partnerships for decision making.

    We are committed to the principles of Diversity and Inclusiveness.
    We believe in:
    • Meeting the needs of those with cultural and physical differences.
    • Recognizing and embracing our differences to enrich, strengthen and connect our community.
    • Valuing the unique talents of students and staff.

    We are committed to the principles of Integrity and Trust.
    We believe in:
    • Showing respect to everyone.
    • Being honest.
    • Respecting confidentiality.

    We are committed to the principle of Quality.
    We believe in:
    • Providing a quality education supporting student success.
    • Employing a highly qualified staff who are committed to continuous professional improvement.
    • Producing quality work at all times.

    We are committed to the principle of Safety.
    We believe in:
    • Providing clean, safe, well maintained facilities conducive to student learning and to foster school pride.
    • Maintaining a caring and supportive environment.
Last Modified on July 19, 2010