Ali, Elizabeth, and Abby's Aquaponics system

Posted by Elizabeth Sheahan on 3/11/2020 2:45:00 PM

Sheaeitrn Elizabeth Sheahan, Ali Salogar, and Abby Warnke

Earth Science

Mr. Winsor 

13 March  2020

We are currently replanting our crops because we drowned them. We have decided to replant the plants in the dirt this time instead of vermiculite. We are also now only growing 1 type of morning glory called Heavenly Blues. We are also going to grow tomatoes as well. The morning glories require water once every week, a moderate amount of sunlight, and they can grow in warmish temperatures (around 60-64 degrees Fahrenheit). Our tomatoes need water every week to week and a half, sunlight, fairly warm temperatures (around 55 degrees Fahrenheit), and once they begin to grow larger they are going to need rope to grow up. Our plants don’t show any stages of development because we have just replanted them. The tomatoes have about 5 stages in their growth cycle. They include seed, seedling, mother plant, flower plant, and finally the tomato plant itself. Morning glories are annual so they come back every year that’s how they reproduce. Tomatoes reproduce sexually so before the tomatoes become a tomato plant they are a flower and once they are mature enough, the pollen from the flower fertilizes the eggs in the flower which creates a seed, and then the process starts all over. Tomatoes can only reproduce sexually. We will continue to update you on the growth of plants.