Vertical Aeroponic system Blog Post #3

Posted by Katrina Wedel on 3/13/2020 1:45:00 PM

This is Katrina and Kristin, back with another blog post. So far with our system, we have almost put it all together. We have acquired our PVC pipe, and have made the slits for the net pots. We have also found a ten gallon reservoir for our water. The water will go through a pump and up a pipe that has holes in it causing the water to spread on the roots as it flows. The water will hold all the needed nutrients for our plants.

One of the plants we are growing is the swiss chard. To grow it requires nitrogen fertilizer, and needs to stay watered so it does not get dried out. It also requires warm temperatures. It requires well-drained soil which means that the water drains and not puddles or pooling. So, putting into the vertical aeroponics system will be great since the water won’t be pooling or puddling at the plant’s roots. The outputs of the swiss chard is pollen, and also oxygen. The stage of growth for swiss chard starts with a seed and grows into small, green flowers on top of a flowering stem. The flowers contain both types of reproductive organs. Many plants can reproduce through both sexual and asexual means. Asexual is taking multicellular structures from a parent plant and developing them into individuals identical to the parent plants without the fusion of gametes. Sexual reproduction produces seeds when two cells, each with half of the DNA needed, combine, they create a zygote. The male part is the pollen and the female is the ovules. Stages of plant growth for swiss chard