#Z&D Aeroponics System Blog Post #3

Posted by Destiny Burgess on 3/13/2020

ZD CORN CYCLE What do plants require for growth? 

There are five things that plants need and require to grow; Sunlight, nutrients, water, air, and the proper temperature to sustain life. Plants absorb water and nutrients through their roots from the mist that is prayed onto them. Keeping the temperature from getting too high is very important because plants can easily die and welt if exposed to high temperatures and dehydration. Providing the plants with nutrients allow the plants to obtain growth and continue with their growing cycle. Having enough sunlight gives plants extra nutrients, and having air allows the plants to breathe and live. 


A corns life cycle includes: 

  1. Seeds 
  2. Germination
  3. Sprout
  4. Seeding
  5. Flower
  6. Plant With Cob
  7. Corn With Seeds


We believe that our corn is currently between sprout and seeding cycle. It has grown extremely fast and we believe that it has shown great success in our Aeroponics system. We hope for more growth and progress in the corn currently in our cycle. We also plan to continue to learn about this species of plant and understand the needs of it.