Emilie and Macey's Super Awesome Aquaponics Adventure

Posted by Emilie Buscemi and Macey Vandervest on 3/13/2020

Welcome back! On March 4, we had transferred only one koi into our aquaponics system. We had come back to check on it, Tuesday, March 10, and sadly, the koi had died due to lack of filtration in the system.Dead Mr. Koi Fishie :( On another note, our cucumbers are starting to sprout in the vermiculite, some have been transferred into soil to continue growing. We are doing this as a test to see how well they will grow.Baby Little Plants :) We still have no other mint or lavender starting to grow yet, but we’re waiting for a few more days, maybe weeks, to make sure the seeds aren’t dead. These plants all require water, sunlight, air, and soil. Our cucumbers exhibit these characteristics through their life cycle; Life of a Cucumber :) They are in pots in the greenhouse, next to the windows, to be sure that they get as much sunlight as possible. These are our only updates currently, but we are still doing research to figure out why our filter stopped working.