Aeroponics K&E 3

Posted by Kyle Chokas on 3/13/2020

This is the update for week three. So this week, the rest of our tomatoes sprouted and will be ready for cloning soon. I’m unsure if this was covered in the last post, but we also planted squash in the system by putting the seeds directly into the small plant cups. Within the week, the seeds began to sprout. The squash plant has completely broken from the shell of the seed and the roots are around an inch long. We also attempted to grow corn, but it did not work out and the corn did not blossom properly. Our plants exhibit early developement and are nearing growth in both directions. 

So far, our Aeroponics system is doing well. We’ve managed to keep the squash alive and the plants are thriving. We’ve added the proteins to the water and after the three week break, we’re going to changed out the water and add more. 

One major concern I have with the Coronavirus break is how will our planes thrive without care for three weeks? The plants in the aeroponics system should be fine, but I’m mainly worried about the progress of our tomato plants that will be used for cloning. Fingers crossed that they all do well.

Have a nice day, 

Kyle and Elijha


Kyle and elijah 3