Abbigail and Megan Blog 3

Posted by Megan Pfeil and Abbigail McIntyre on 3/13/2020

We are two 9th grade students, Abbigail McIntyre and Megan Pfeil, from Fulton High School. We are continuing the hydroponics system that we had taken over. We had noticed the roots that started sprouting have recently died. We also have seen algae start growing. We have been trying a few things to try preventing it from growing any more. We first tried limiting the amount of sunlight. When doing this we have been thinking that when we limited the amount of sunlight, that was probably the reason for the plants to die. We put our system back into full sunlight, changed the water and cleaned out our water container. We are now thinking about placing some foil over our vermiculite where the Cabbage isn’t at to limit the algae growth. We also are thinking about covering the water so that algae doesn’t grow in the water container. We are changing the water again on March 13th because we won’t be able to change or check up on our system for the next three weeks. We are hoping that the foil will work so the algae don’t continue to grow. We haven’t found any more problems with our system other than the plants dying and the algae growing.