Happy Thanksgiving
5 days ago, Lezlie Hauck
Had some special guest readers this week
5 days ago, Lezlie Hauck
Chloe & Camilla's Grandma
Scotty's Grandma
Grandma Terri
three little pigs
Fast services will also be closed today
11 days ago, Lezlie Hauck
Due to current weather conditions Fulton Schools I will be closed for Friday, November 18th.
11 days ago, Tom Torok
Happy Halloween ğŸŽƒ
29 days ago, Lezlie Hauck
happy Halloween
29 days ago, Tom Torok
Huge thank you to our AWESOME custodial and maintenance crew! Each day they clean/maintain over 120,000sqft. of buildings plus maintain our grounds. Thank you for all you do to keep our facilities running!
about 1 month ago, Tom Torok
Everyone is looking forward to Halloween 👀🤣
about 1 month ago, Lezlie Hauck
the eyes have it
Veterans Day is coming
about 1 month ago, Lezlie Hauck
Veterans Day
Great time at Andy T’s pumpkin patch
about 1 month ago, Lezlie Hauck
say pumpkin
We are hosting another online auction to get rid of excess equipment and materials. Please visit Sherwood Online Auctions if you are interested. https://bid.sherwoodauctionservicellc.com/auctions/21466-Fulton-Schools-Surplus-Liquidation-Online-Auction?page=1&search=&sort=&lotsTotal=335&pageSize=100&playSoundEnabled=true
about 1 month ago, Tom Torok
Shout out today to our amazing cafeteria staff! They have served over 18,000 meals since the start of school! Thank you for all you do to keep our students fueled up for learning.
about 2 months ago, Tom Torok
Just a reminder that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be half days for Parent/Teacher Conferences. Conferences are scheduled for Wednesday from 12:30 - 3:00 and from 5:30 - 8:00. Conferences on Thursday will be from 12:30 - 3:00. Friday will be a half day with no conferences scheduled. All district offices will be closed on Friday at noon.
about 2 months ago, Tom Torok
Dress like a pirate Day in Preschool
about 2 months ago, Lezlie Hauck
The deadline for all Free/Reduced forms for school meals must be turned in by Monday morning (October 3). You can go to fulton.familyportal.cloud to access the form and to add money to your student's account. You can also print a paper form from the schools website; under Menu, Food Service, Lunch Application.
about 2 months ago, Lezlie Hauck
Next week is spirit week
2 months ago, Lezlie Hauck
spirit week
The August issue of the Fulton Flier inadvertently listed Thursday, September 22nd as a half day. This is an error. This Thursday the 22nd will be a full day of school. Sorry for any confusion.
2 months ago, Tom Torok
Sorry about the late notice we will have chicken nuggets tomorrow for lunch due to shortage issues
2 months ago, Lezlie Hauck
The Vestaburg Schools community suffered a tragic loss of a student in a house fire earlier this week. On Friday night, our football team will travel there for a game and during the game Mr. Trefil will be taking donations to support the family and the Vestaburg community. If you can not make the game but would like to make a donation, please stop at the MS/HS by 3:00pm on Friday.
3 months ago, Tom Torok
Some of our new Pirates
3 months ago, Lezlie Hauck